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  • Ten years ago Jess was the happiest she'd ever been. On the cusp of marrying her high school sweetheart Jess's life was heading exactly where she wanted it to. Then in less than twenty-four hours Jess's happiness was shattered by her twin Sharnie. With everything lost, running away was Jess's only way to cope. After a decade living abroad it's Sharnie's turn to get married and their mother is pushing hard for her daughters to make amends. Jess wants to let the past go and when she meets Ethan, the best man, she starts to think coming home may just be possible. But there are some hurts you can never forgive and Sharnie has one last wound to inflict.


  • She was rare to begin with, now she's the only one of her kind.


    Spectra is a Balance, a female descendant of angels. Her soul is intertwined with the sorcerer Alexander Williams, and her heart belongs to Mercury Raphangelis, son of the arch angel Raphael. Bay Ryder is a powerful sorcerer and predator de Sang who wants to destroy Essence – an organisation of purists who believe de Sangs should be the only predators.


    When Bay seeks out the enigmatic Spectra for her forging abilities, the last thing he expected to find was a Balance strong enough to withstand his potent energy. With her heart and soul already claimed, could there be room for another in her life?


    Bay soon realises Spectra’s uniqueness could make her a useful weapon against predators of the Nachtwelt, something that brings her to the attention of Essence and puts her life at risk. He's about to learn that sometimes you need to sacrifice the ones you love in order to save them.




  • Life is a series of choices. Made by you or for you. If the choice was love or everything you worked your life to gain, which would you choose?


    Mora Ellis is a self confessed workaholic who is emotionally unavailable. That's not to say she's cold hearted. She just doesn't have time for love. What with her full-time job, finishing her masters degree, and spending her weekends steaming up the sheets with her not-boyfriend, Jasper.

    Darius Rafal came from nothing. He's worked hard to make something of himself and to provide his family with the financial security he'd never had as a child. There is only one thing missing from his life, and now that he has everything he's ever wanted, he wants the last piece of the puzzle. That piece comes in the form of his new personal assistant, Mora Ellis. There is just one problem. Mora has learnt the hard way not to get involved with her boss.

    Will Mora let her past destroy her future happiness? Can Darius sacrifice what it takes to win her?


  • "Some say the terrors of the past can haunt you, that they will mold you into the person you will become. If that's the case, Seraphina Gaelach going to be very dark and twisted."


    Seraphina has been to hell and back, struggling to fit into society and being shunned for the immortality her power could bring. She craves to be loved, but danger is lurking at every turn, and despite her good intentions trouble seems to follow her.


    Will she ever be able to find love in a world where unknown species are ever present and dark pasts haunt her? And is she can, will that love be enough to save her from both inner and outer demons?


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